The Best Tinder Alternatives Canada (How to hustle rich men for money)

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I’m a pretty woman whose only asset is beauty. I never went to a decent school and don’t have a proper education, so I don’t have the best job in the world. And the easiest way for me to get paid is to date rich men who are happy to spend money on me. Before you judge me, I’d like to share some of my insights with you in terms of hustling rich guys for money – I’ve used the best Tinder Alternatives Canada to get what I want.

~1 Brilic

Brilic dating app is the ultimate best Tinder Alternative in Canada – it has a large number of wealthy men looking for marriage. I met my rich fiancé on Brilic last year and now we are engaged. He is a successful entrepreneur with a multi-million-dollar business in Toronto. He is not only rich, but also intelligent and funny. He has financially supported me for quite a while and now we are getting married soon. The diamond ring that he bought me as the engagement ring is from Tiffany & Co. I’m fascinated by this beautiful gift from him. Our relationship is meaningful, loving and luxurious. I’m not really one of those gold-diggers who only want money. In fact, I want money and love at the same time. That’s why my wealthy guy proposed to me after dating me for six months.Brilic dating app

~2 Ashley Madison

The reason I use Ashley Madison dating app to meet powerful men is because losers wouldn’t join an adultery dating app for affairs. Most losers can only stick with what they’ve got, e.g. a mediocre woman, a boring day job, an uninteresting city, etc. However, men on Ashley Madison are successful, sophisticated and worldly. More importantly, they are filthy rich! I found my current job because of a lover that I met on Ashley Madison. He employed me so that I can work for his company in Toronto. We are still friends because he is my boss – I have to see him every day. But we are not sleeping together anymore because both of us have moved on.

~3 Sudy

Sudy dating app is for ambitious women to meet established men. I always wanted to meet millionaire men who could change my life. And to be honest with you, that’s exactly how I’ve got where I am today. I moved to Toronto by myself when I was 17 years old. At that time, I didn’t have anything and had to make ends meet by dancing in a nightclub (I was a stripper). Then I met a sugar daddy on Sudy who gave me allowance so that I didn’t have to go to work at midnight in the nightclub. In this way, I was able to live a normal life, so I’m very grateful to my sugar daddy who gave me the opportunity to live a healthy lifestyle.

~4 Seeking

Honestly, the most creative and the most ambitious men and women are obviously not on Tinder. And Seeking dating app is the ultimate luxury dating app in my opinion. I found more than one sugar daddy on Seeking when I was using this dating app a few years ago. Now this app is probably removed from Apple store (perhaps all luxury dating apps are removed by iTunes due to their controversy). But when it was available on iTunes, I really enjoyed the benefits brought by Seeking. The number of qualified sugar daddies is huge on this app.

Rich Meet Beautiful

~5 Luxy

Men on Luxy are elegant, rich and experienced. They never expect me to pay for dinner, so it worked well for me and my lifestyle. As I see it, the worst way to hustle men for money is to meet them in real life first and then convert them into sugar daddies. And the best way to hustle men for money is to meet them on upscale dating apps first and then meet them in person quickly, because men on luxury dating apps are already rich – they don’t mind spoiling pretty women who can make them happy.

~6 Millionaire Match

Millionaire Match has been in the millionaire dating industry for nearly twenty years and I used this dating app about five years ago – I met my ex there. My ex is an established man with a successful company in Vancouver. We had a three-year relationship which was extremely beautiful and lovely. I don’t have any regrets because it was the right thing to do at that time. He supported me financially and I supported him emotionally, so we were both satisfied!

~7 Sugar Daddy Meet

Sugar Daddy Meet dating app is another great Tinder alternative in Canada in my opinion. I think women who have standards wouldn’t use Tinder and should join wealthy dating apps to meet rich men who are generous and kind. I never trick wealthy guys into giving me money because I’m always honest with them – I directly tell them what I expect from them and what I can give them. That’s the terms and conditions of every arrangement that I have ever had with millionaire guys. I have to say that sugar daddies on Sugar Daddy Meet dating app are very, very nice.

Sugar Daddy Meet

~8 Rich Meet Beautiful

The name of this dating app says it all. We know it’s all about introducing rich men to beautiful women. Yes, that’s right – a relationship is most sustainable when the guy has money and the woman has beauty. Otherwise, it’s not a stable relationship – a woman can’t be turned on by a poor loser; a man can’t be turned on by an ugly woman. Those who date poor losers/ugly women are people who don’t have choices or lack standards. I’m sorry if this is an unpleasant statement to say, but I decide to be honest with people on the Internet because in real life, we already have enough censorship and PC BS.

~9 Miss Travel

The person who invented this dating app is a genius (I think his name is Brandon Wade, a successful entrepreneur based in Las Vegas). Miss Travel introduces attractive women to wealthy men who are happy to pay pretty ladies’ travel expense and they travel together. I’ve been to Europe, Australia, Asia and South America because of Miss Travel – rich men on this app are seriously rich: they took me to foreign countries when they were on business trips, so I could give them a good time while they were away from home. Meanwhile, they gave me amazing, exotic experiences overseas and they were happy to pay for everything.adultery dating app

To sum up, all women are gold-diggers and that’s old news. But it depends on how you define “gold-digger”. In this modern world, most people still believe that it’s okay for men to prefer hot women, but it’s not okay for women to prefer rich guys. What kind of double standard is that?! I believe that it’s perfect okay for women to want rich husbands who can financially support them because that’s only human nature. Why should women work our ass off and take care of the household at the same time?