Russian brides about men and studying English.

russian-brides-dating-300x199-7931795My “saga” with the German playboy I guess is not over yet, that is why I suppose, he still “tries” from time to time “to throw rods”, but the truth is that I no longer cares about him. What I liked most of all about virtual relations, was the ease with which you fall in love and the ease with which i can finish the relations. Two days after I received the first letter from this playboy, my attention was attracted by another message. I don’t know why I have decided to reply that letter, as there was not even a photo. I just felt that my next German “friend” doesn’t have any experience in communication through internet.

We exchanged a few letters, and after that he was gone, well it happens often, apparently, people feel my disinterest, but the truth is that, I was really captivated by the German number two. And after we quarreled, I decided to delve into my archives. So i remembered about my two Germans (the same letters from German men were coming to me almost 10 letters per day) and there also was one American. And to all of them I was sending same quick post: “you have not found the girl of your dreams yet? Kisses Anna “.

Icq is not the best thing to find a man of your dreams. Meeting a new attack on my mailbox by updating my profile I did not wanted, so I decided that there is no risk, if I’ll ask guys how they are doing, and how are the things in their love life. American replied nothing. But both of the Germans have replied me. One of them has said that he is very busy now and would write me later, but I knew already what such answers mean: people are simply not able to keep silence, but at the same time do not really wish to communicate with you. The second German has replied as well.

He seemed to me a normal guy and he had a suitable age, only seven years older than me. The response was like this: “I haven’t found the girl of my dreams yet, but I keep looking for her, not only by means of internet, as it is unfair to send the same message to five different women, with whom you are corresponding”. I replied that I understand him very well, and i told him about a few of my interned adventures.



And once again something has happened. I fell in love once again virtually, as soon as i felt the increased attention and interest. During the week we “threw” each other with a bunch of letters. And several times a day. Eventually he sent me his photos. I was shocked by the fact how much his physical appearance has coincided with my ideas of a perfect man. After a while we began discussing our upcoming meeting.

At the beginning he wanted to visit me in my hometown but later he said that he will be able to meet only in a few months, as in order to meet earlier i was supposed to come to Germany.

Than Alex, the German number three has sent a very worrying letter to me in whom he was asking if i would agree going with him to Malta where he plans to study English language as his company is expanding and sending him to work in Canada. For me Malta was same as going to sauna with a man on the first date (something I would never agree on, but i decided to agree, first of all because I finally got the divorce, second of all because i felt myself tired and lonely, and in the third case because Alex has paid for English courses for both of us, and even offered to live in different hotel rooms. And the forth reason was the fact that i really liked him, and was sure he would like me as well. It was never meant for us to meet, as after one week, he realized that his financial condition will not allow him providing both of us, as a result he decided to break up in order not to play with the feelings. That was the moment when i realized how important is to be careful, in order to avoid this kind of situations.