Russian bride, engagement with a foreigner

ukrainebrideA marriage proposal is received! The highly anticipated, expected, and sometimes quite unexpected proposal was finally made, and congratulations about that! And of course after a few first weeks of joy, happiness and even some relief, comes the big question: what’s next?

Unfortunately, at the statistics shows more than half of the couples  formed by a foreigner and a Russian bride after their engagement, do not make till the wedding. Why, you would ask? Considering the fact that a long way was passed from getting the professional photos and filling uncertain quantity of questionnaires, some successful and unsuccessful meetings … And here it is, the ring on my finger, what else?

In my view, after this naturally madly joyful event was celebrated, comes the time to weight everything and think well, is it really the kind of person with whom I want to live my life. On the memory comes the well known proverb: “eyes wide open before the wedding and after the wedding cover them.” That is why before the wedding is the time to open eyes wide and realize whether the proposal was accepted with a pure heart or not?

Is he all that i ever wanted in my life? There were really moments during our meetings which were concerning me with anything? Was I always comfortable with fiancé? I don’t like to repeat some obvious things, but I want to remind once again, that a grown up adult will not likely change his habits and character for your sake, or even after marrying with you … so expecting that after the wedding he will stop smoking or drinking or calling his mother every day is a completely false expectation.


We women, especially Russian women have great intuition, don’t we? So let us listen to her and to ourselves once again. Every Russian bride has her own unique way of understanding her man. “And after everything was well considered it is important to be patient. Yes, again, as in the beginning of the “road”.  Even if everything will be done quickly and correctly, it is still waiting for a fiancée visa interview in America, which usually takes from four to seven months. And in some difficult cases the whole process might take two years.bride

This is the reason why it is so important to learn how to keep the things the way they are, to stay same loving and attentive, as at the beginning of the correspondence, call your loved one through the Skype same often as before, and maybe even more often. Write emails and send postcards or presents on some holidays or special for you two dates, it doesn’t require a lot of finances, but the pleasure from it is a huge one, that is why it is so important to do so. Also a good thing for a Russian bride would be to keep in memory the birthday dates of the parents of her soul mate, as this way she will show that they are important to her, and she respects and appreciates them. And if the soul mate has children, than it would not harm to get acquainted with them as well, because same as the road to each woman’s heart is built with the attention towards her child, for a man it is also a very important thing. Sometimes Russian brides have children from the previous marriage by the time they want to remarry, so a good thing for them, would be to introduce their child to the one and only man, and see how they will communicate, it is a sort of small test of the chosen man, because if he will not be able to be nice to the child at the beginning of the relation, than he will never be able to do so even after years of marriage, not to mention the attitude after having a mutual child. All those small issues make the happy family life itself.