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Russian dating agencyRussia is a wonderful country that occupies the largest share of the land and has the most extreme weather conditions in terms of coldness. Nevertheless, men from all around the world keep getting attracted by Russian women and admire their beauty. Therefore, foreigners keep searching on the Internet for a trustful dating website or marriage agency where they could risk to find their wife that will be devoted to them and become the best mother for their children.

However, there may arise many objections as to for what reasons should a man choose to marry a Russian woman. The main arguments would be focused on the fact that there are a lot of beautiful women in any country and language barrier might become a serious drawback to overcome. Well, we can give you answers to these questions.

To start off, we should recap some history of the past century. We all know about the devastation that was brought to Russia by the two world wars and the Revolution as well as the multiple conflicts that sparked during the Cold War and even after it. All of this led to a significant decrease in the number of men Russia. The current situation is that there are 15% more women than men which implies that Russian ladies are desperate to get married.

Secondly, the average death rate of the Russian men is quite high which means that the demographic situation is worsened much more by the ongoing moribund trend. There are simply not enough husbands in Russia alone.

The obvious consequence is that the Russian women are forced to go through the Darwinian principle of the “survival of the fittest” as they must compete for husbands. Those who lose out are compelled to a lonely life. Therefore, Russian women are constantly looking after themselves in attempt to attract men. This is vital, if a woman wants to get married.

The third reason for choosing a Russian woman is because they are usually good mothers and wives. If one is looking for a decent and devoted wife who will take care of the whole family, he is at the right path. Family is the main goal for any Russian woman.

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Fourthly, a lot of Russian women are dealing with dating agencies because they want to move abroad on purpose due to the so-called domestic problems that they hate. For this end, they prefer to get married to a foreigner and move abroad, rather than stay back in Russia and keep struggling to find a husband and sustain a decent level of life. However, do not get led astray by thinking that a matrimony with a foreigner is a way of getting outside Russia. The thing is that Russian women are desperately trying to find a beloved husband for the whole life who will take care of children and his family, but Russian young men are not interested in that.

Lastly, a lot of men are attracted by the famous Russian Slavic beauty standards that are quite peculiar and very different to those of other countries. Stop doubting and just get it done. Get in touch with our agency right now, and we will help you find your Russian dating love!