Experience the Beautiful Feeling of Love through Expert Dating Advice

winter outside womanSince school days, I have always been surrounded with books. People would always find in a library or some or the other classroom. Due to this, many of my classmates and friends used to tease me or call me with different names such as bookworm, scholar, and geek. People who never ever spoke to me would try to develop a friendship kind of relationship only when the examinations are on head. No one wished to be my genuine friend; other students talked to me only for the sake of classroom notes and study related matter. Slowly and steadily, I accepted the fact that people in this world are very selfish and I have to settle in this environment.

I had almost compromised with my loneliness when a girl came into my life. It was during my college days when this girl came and spoke to me for the first time. As I had bad experiences in the past, I was assuming that this girl also approached me for some or the other reason. Eventually, I realized that she was not like others and had no intention to use me. She was genuinely being a true friend to me; I was feeling great to have a true friend beside me. We used to meet often, speak a lot, and have fun. We both started enjoying each other’s company. This was the first time that I was able to share my feelings and emotions with someone so conveniently. Her birthday was approaching and this is when I thought about gifting her something unique. For this, I started surfing on the internet to come across good gifting ideas. During my search, I happened to stumble upon an advertisement on dating blog. I was curious to know on what could be the story in this blog.

I clicked on the link for it to open. There were various blogs and articles related to relationships on the website. Further, there was a section named ‘advice’ where professionals gave expert dating advice to readers that could strengthen their relationship with the loved ones. While browsing through all the blogs, I came across a blog highlighting the signs of falling into love.Woman walking in field


According to that dating blog, there were six indicators with which one can determine that he is in love or not. The six indicators mentioned in the blog were as follows:

  • Constantly thinking about her
  • Feel good to take care of her
  • Loved to spend all time with her
  • Sharing of feelings emotions and thoughts conveniently
  • Feel jealous if some other men approaches her
  • No matter what, she looks adorable all the time

When I read all these points, at first I was little shocked because I could relate to every point that was mentioned. I decided to confess all my feelings to her on her birthday. It was the happiest moment of my life as she said she felt the same. Finally, I had found my true love. Had it not been for this blog, I would have never realized that I felt for her in that manner.