7 Simple Things you should do for your sugar mommas everyday!

Having a sugar momma is one of the most common things in our worlds. It is no more a taboo and people are openly making Google search as how to find a sugar momma. There are many sugar momma dating apps from where you can get a perfect sugar momma for you or a prospective sugar momma can hunt you as their cub. Once you have a sugar momma, the game is not over. You will need to make constant efforts in order to make a smooth and compatible relationship with her.

  • Sugar mommas are usually well established ladies who have good financial resources at their disposal. Never take your looks and appearance as granted as a sugar momma will always want a god looking and presentable cub that looks decent yet is charming. She will always want to show you off once your relationship become public. Make sure you pay good attention on your manners, grooming and looks.
  • Sugar mommas have achieved a lot in their life but are alone due to bad marriage or rotten relationships in their past. Usually sugar mommas come with a fragile ego which can get hurt very easily. Don’t take her for granted if she is taking care of your financial, physical and emotional needs. You will need to make all the efforts to pamper her ego from time to time.
  • Temper tantrums can be another very common thing if you are a cub to a filthy rich sugar momma. Patience will be the key to success in this case. Don’t expect protection from her and rather try giving emotional protection to her in order to win her trust and affection. Make sure you do things which show that you are not just behind her money but you respect her as a person.sugar mommas everyday
  • Charming her and fulfilling her romantic dreams can be a very good means to win a sugar momma. Even if you have only physical interest in the lady, don’t let her know about it. Make an impression that you like her as a person and respect her for her achievements. Find out about things she finds romantic and arrange them for her.
  • Relationship of a sugar momma and her cub is a two way thing. Obviously she is much better financially secured then you so she will pay for most of the expenses. But this doesn’t mean you do not do any expenditure. Buy flowers, her favourite scent, candles or other such things for her regularly.
  • Don’t think that she is rich so she does not need anything else. She is also a human being and has dreams and hopes like any other person. Be supportive in her dreams and aspirations and encourage her to pursue it.
  • Prepare yourself both physically and psychologically for the sugar mommas. They have a unique charisma which most young girls lack. You will have to put in lot of efforts to match her physical hunger.