What will your marriage with Russian woman be like?

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Let’s say you found the woman of your dreams in Russia, and she also fell in love with you. Finally, you’ve proposed and she said yes. You would probably want to know how to go about the wedding itself and further assimilation of your future wife in your society, so that she can become a part of it.

To answer these questions it is worth to look into Russian woman’s perception of marriage. Russian women are family oriented and that is the reason why family means everything to them. They don’t care much about building a career and being a leader in the family – they leave those things to the man, their future husband. In perception of Russian women, they must play the second role in the family, but nevertheless remain glue of the family, eliminating conflicts and bringing all the members of the family to the dinner table.

Russian women are warm and sensitive; they are able not only to listen to you, but to hear what you’re trying to say and to put themselves at your place to understand your side of the story. They are also loyal and you will never have to worry that they will be cheating on you. Russian woman will make everything to keep her family from falling apart. That is why if she decides to marry a man, she’s planning on spending the rest of her life at his side.

Wedding means a lot to Russian women and in Russian culture. Usually, all the relatives and acquaintances are invited to celebrate. That is why Russian weddings are big and jolly. However, great amount of people means that the wedding itself will cost a lot. Usually, men are expected to pay for the wedding. Russians don’t say any vows in church; they just listen to the priest and receive his blessing. If the couple decides to marry in church, crowns are held above their heads as they stand on the knees before the priest, who reads a pray.

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However, almost half of the Russian women are not that religious nowadays, and do not want church weddings. If your woman is not religious, then the ceremony will only be limited to registry office and the banquet in some café or restaurant. Remember that Russians drink a lot and you will be required to stand up and listen to the pledges of many guests. After each pledge it is customary to drink and kiss the bride. That is why you need to make just a sip or two each time; as if you drink the full glass you will be unconsciously drunk by the end of the ceremony.

From time to time, guests will require you to kiss the bride by shouting out loud “bitterly” or in Russian “gor’ko”. After you succumb to their request and start kissing the bride – they will begin to count – they longer you kiss the bride, the longer it is considered you? marriage will last.

After the wedding is over and you brought your wife to your country, make sure that she has a way of communicating with her family, for example she can talk to them by Skype. The ability to talk to her parents and friends will smooth the transition and will make her feel herself calmer.  You can also enroll her to attend the English learning classes. Usually, every state has centers for foreigners, where the language of teaching is native to the foreigners. Such courses will give her the chance to get to know your culture and society aspects much faster.