Grindr Gay chat app review: your global dating companion

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Unique Grindr: is it really the gay app number one?

There is a saying, that only the laziest gay hasn’t tried Grindr. Is it so? We would say – yes, because it has such a vast database worldwide and the features of the app are everything a single gay can dream about. And it’s not an exaggeration! 7 million users is a reality that impresses a lot.

Grindr Gay chat app succeeded to do what others couldn’t: it suggested to its users all possible options for a bright and modern search. Just take a look at some of those options:

  • Group chats play an important social role: LGBTQ+ folks can discuss themed events and specialized topics in them.
  • Chatting with intuitive typing helps to communicate quicker and with a bigger number of users. Consequently, the quality of search is increasing.
  • Profiles include the HIV status which is very important for transparent relationships and for social openness / acceptance.
  • Indicating the user’s type, or category, such as Jock or Bear, helps others to define better whether he responds to their preferences or not. It’s very convenient, practical, but also reminds an amusing game that makes online dating process much more fun.
  • 500 Gaymojis are completely the invention of Grindr: you won’t find them on other gay app.
  • “Tap” feature is perfect for timid personalities who are just checking the ground before making the first step.

These options indeed can be called innovative instead of those ones which are wrongly called like that: psychological and compatibility tests, virtual games, and mass ice-breakers.

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So why is Grindr for hook-ups only?

There are actually some very concrete factors that make Grindr the hookup gay app. Just think of  its title: is it obvious for you that it means Tinder for gay men? And here is what we see on Tinder:one-night-stands only, almost never long-term relationships. It’s logical for a global platform with enormously big database.

Finding a mate via Grindr app could be easier if not almost-empty profiles and blurred photos of the users. Although it’s rather trendy and modern, it doesn’t encourage the users to make coming out in their real life and show their faces openly. Therefore, we see that Grindr has such disadvantages as the absence of gay blogs and forums where young people could receive enough informational help and moral support.

Then, reportedly, Grindr has lots of users who are there just for virtual flirting and establishing their preferences theoretically. They simply “like” the photos and leave, without the real meeting or even without a conversation. Geo-location search feature isn’t always correct and it is only favourable for non-serious members.

Another magnet for immature folks is availability of all basic services for free. It’s completely possible to view 100 profiles a day, message others and even send a limited number of photos. Such conditions are attractive for late teens who have no income and obviously no real intentions. Those who have more or less serious plans, rather practice gay sugar dating online which may not be what you want. That’s why Grindr Gay chat app review should be fair and objective.

But what is funny, those teenagers’ parents do not find Grindr safe enough for the youth. It is purely sexual and promotes endless hook-ups that replace each other, without getting personal.

At the same time, hookup platforms are absolutely necessary in conditions when LGBTQ+ abbreviation is growing every year and the youth is experimenting with their sexuality in all possible ways. Virtual space and online tools should always reflect the phenomenons of reality.

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What serious gay daters think of Grindr

We live in a world where gay families became a norm. Not only well-protected celebrities and politicians take a risk to demonstrate their stable gay partnerships and even adopted kids, but simple people too. Lots of 40+ and even 30+ gay men prove they are spending many years with the same partner.

For sure, such monogamous gay and trans personalities ready to settle down, cannot be happy with what we have on Grindr. At the same time, it would be silly to blame people who do not seek anything serious, on the platform meant specially for hook-ups.

“I began my private life on Grindr. I could find as many temporary partners as I wanted, and I think it’s crucial for young people who are only on their way to self-identificaton. But at one  living together, constant support from one person only. Like many other virtual platforms, Grindr isn’t suitable for that. Gay clubs aren’t either. I would say, me and my friends have found our stable partners at work or in our social circle. I honestly do not imagine the same success in the gay app.” (Ronald, 46, London)

“Ironically, Grindr isn’t good enough even for gay sugar dating. It would be logical if young attractive cubs searched for someone mature to pay their debts and provide them a luxury life, but their intentions are even less than that. Maximum, they want me to pay for one night or one hour. I cannot find anyone who would stay with me for months. Luckily, there are other apps for that but I am disappointed, still.” (David, 42, New York City)

“My brother is dating through Grindr and we are rather bothered by that. It was a bit shocking for the family when he confessed he was after guys only, but we at least wanted him to be happy and find love. I don’t see this happening on Grindr. He is going out with different guys and older men every evening, and he is only 18. I definitely don’t want his personality to mutate into something amorphous and completely superficial. I never expected this to happen but I started to search a partner for him among all my acquaintances. I think a blind date would be way safer than what he is doing now.” (Jackie, 26, Miami)

“I would say that I use Grindr each time when I need some consolation after breakup. So, every two or three years I am here, looking for fun. Many young guys are very qualitative in physical regard, they are either models, gym-addicted dudes, or beginners in escort services. They are absolutely perfect for one-night-stands. Others are just playing with you and first meetings with them, if they take place at all, are terrible. But I’m ok with Grindr, I think modern gay life wouldn’t be full without it.” (Peter, 34, Toronto)

Recommendations for those who date on Grindr

Every technology or a virtual tool has a particular tutorial that helps to use it efficiently. It’s a pity such tutorials aren’t included to each dating site content, and not every gay platform has a blog. But, dating experts are always ready to assist us even in such intimate areas as hook-ups. So, here are a few pieces of advice for those who would like to match quickly on Grindr.

  1. Study thoroughly other users’ responses and reviews, not only on the app page, but also those ones published on outer sources. Finding a mate via Grindr Gay chat app is impossible without such a research.
  2. Make your profile detailed and choose the best photos. You should always be a perfect combination of a good physical shape and substantial personality. Physical attractiveness will help you to have best gay hook-ups, while showing your personality will hopefully become your guarantee of qualitative matching.
  3. Communicate without standards and stereotypes. Don’t copy the majority of users’ behaviour and stay away from shallow compliments and comments. It’s better to remain very individual and unique, to make sure you’ll attract only compatible people. Talk friendly and brightly like if it was your long-time friend and not a complete stranger. This tactics really helps to win more attention.
  4. Catch the moment, if you want to get laid. Unfortunately, the competition on gay dating platforms, and especially on Grindr is huge. The mind of young guys is also changeable and non-reliable. There are moments when you should say “Yes” immediately, otherwise your interlocutor will switch his attention to someone else. The next minute you’re out of the love battle. So do not hesitate and set up a date each time when your interest appears mutual. This way, you will have much more real meetings and plenty of sex.