Entertaining Russian wives in America.

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ragazze russe matrimonioTroy and Sandra who were communicating a lot with each other while corresponding, have found their selves in a very difficult situation, when they realized that they have nothing in common if spending time together, not typing endless messages, as soon as they realized it might become a serious threat to their marriage and family life, they began looking for something they can do in common, something that they will both enjoy, and the most important thing- something that will bring them closer to each other. And once by mail they got advertising of scuba diving and snorkeling, and that was the moment when they realized they both want to do it, no matter the fact that scuba diving has turned to be a very expensive type of sports, but Troy got so excited about it, and about the fact that finally his beloved Sandra is smiling and really looks happy as she never did for the past seven months of their marriage, that there was no other option beside the fact that they should do it. That was the moment when into their life came the water suits, books and movies about fishes, thrill and fear of going deep down under the water and the passionate love for the underwater pictures. Sandra’s husband has become her dive-buddy, it means partner of diving and that has brought a completely new meaning into their relationship, as dive buddy is same as a friend on the war battlefield, and sometimes your life really depends on him, and he is the one who shares all the underwater adventures with you.

Of course scuba diving is a extreme type of sport, but there are a lot of Russian women who are going camping with their husbands, are climbing mountains, jumping with parachute, go to yoga lessons or do some other things, and of course if those things are not pleasant for both people in the relation, than it is pretty obvious that it might not work out, as in order to make the relationship work, two people, should both love what they are doing. The best thing is that practically in any type of sport there is a non threatening basis, this way the adaptation for people who are not into this sport is much easier.


Some people live in the places where there are no Russian people at all, and there are cities where it is impossible to get into the grocery store and not hear Russian language. In the apartment complex where i live there are two Russian families, at least i know about two of them, but maybe there are even more of them. And still the problem of communication is very important in my family, my wife Irina, even after a year of our marriage still feels lonely, due to the fact she has no friends, and no people around she can talk to and reveal everything that is in her heart and soul. I understand her, and it is very hard for me the fact that I cannot do anything in order to help her at least somehow. I guess being older than thirty years old makes it difficult getting new friends and open up in front of strangers, but still I try supporting her as much as I can, as I know no matter how hard it is for me with her, it is still one hundred percent better than the previous relationships that i had with American women. I am very thankful to my friend Rob, who has once advised me to bring my dear Irina to the group lessons of English language for Russian people, even though my Irina was fluent in it, she went to those lessons, and as a result she got a lot of friends and new people in her life. Now our life has changed, and i can’t get enough of the happy smile on her face which i see every day. I can easily say that those English lessons have saved my marriage and family, which is why i would advise other couples with problems in their communication, to check it out, and see if it will help them as they helped us.

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