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In their origin the Czechs are Slavs, but their mentality differs significantly from the Russian one. It manifests itself in outward features and in a manner of behavior. Especially noticeable are these differences when looking at the female part of the Czech population.

Czechs have an attractive appearance, combining the German elongation and sharpness of the features with Slavic sweetness and gentleness. Their noses, as a rule, are long and with a small hump. The natural color of the hair of the majority of Czech women is fair-haired, but sometimes you can see brunettes, which, apparently, have gypsy roots. At the same time, many ladies dye their hair, turning into light blondes or dark brown-haired women. Czechs are characterized by a thin physique. They have rather long legs and large breasts.

Women in the Czech Republic


Women in the Czech Republic try to dress simply and practical. This is what they most differ from Russians. Czechs do not wear high-heeled shoes, because they believe that it is harmful to health, and it is impossible to move around it on cobblestone pavements. They rarely wear skirts and dresses, the passion for furs and sparkles is alien to them. Traditional attire of Czechs are jeans, sneakers, T-shirt and jacket. At the same time, they emphasize their individuality and femininity with the help of stylish accessories: scarves, watches and restrained costume jewelry. The image is supplemented with a ragged beam of hair on the head and a minimum of makeup on the face. It is worth noting that indifferent to the attire of Czechs have a weakness for the original perfume. In public places there is often an unusual pleasant aroma.

Czech women


Against the backdrop of Czech women who prefer a calm sports style, Russian ladies with flashy make-up in short bright dresses and on stilettos are very prominent. Clothing in the Czech Republic is not bought in expensive boutiques, but in markets or in stores with democratic prices. In general, in this country it is considered shameful to demonstrate high prosperity and boast of the things of famous brands. That is, Czechs do not appreciate the luxury of Gucci, but the practicality of H & M and Zara, especially during sales periods.  If such a woman is up to you, than use girl contact number whatsapp in order to get acquainted with the best women!

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