Russian Marriage Agency

Russian Marriage AgencyThe desire to start a family is the most important question for every person in the world. Everyone desires to live happily with a lovely partner, to raise children and grandchildren and just to be happy. This is the main goal. However a lot of people have difficulties because of shyness, bad experience, stereotypes, and many other factors. Our marriage agency can help anyone who wants to love and be loved. We will help you start a family. (more…)

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Russian brides about men and studying English.

Russian brides datingMy “saga” with the German playboy I guess is not over yet, that is why I suppose, he still “tries” from time to time “to throw rods”, but the truth is that I no longer cares about him. What I liked most of all about virtual relations, was the ease with which you fall in love and the ease with which i can finish the relations. Two days after I received the first letter from this playboy, my attention was attracted by another message. I don’t know why I have decided to reply that letter, as there was not even a photo. I just felt that my next German “friend” doesn’t have any experience in communication through internet. (more…)

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What will your marriage with Russian woman be like?

Beautiful young woman

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Let’s say you found the woman of your dreams in Russia, and she also fell in love with you. Finally, you’ve proposed and she said yes. You would probably want to know how to go about the wedding itself and further assimilation of your future wife in your society, so that she can become a part of it. (more…)

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Entertaining Russian wives in America.

Source: ragazze russe matrimonio

ragazze russe matrimonioTroy and Sandra who were communicating a lot with each other while corresponding, have found their selves in a very difficult situation, when they realized that they have nothing in common if spending time together, not typing endless messages, as soon as they realized it might become a serious threat to their marriage and family life, they began looking for something they can do in common, something that they will both enjoy, and the most important thing- something that will bring them closer to each other. (more…)

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Are Russian Women Reserved?


Very often on the net one can stumble across the Western men’s opinion about Russian ladies as reserved, anxious and discreet. The explanation that is usually given is that Russian men are all drunkards and women have to find their ways to survive.  Is it true?

Though the rates of alcoholism in Russia are very high, not all the men drink there and Russia is not the top country where alcoholism predominates. The opinion shared above is made by the men, who are communicating with Russian ladies with the help of international on-line dating sites. Internet is not a wide-spread method of communication in Russia these days that is why some tension is caused by this means of contact. (more…)

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How to meet and seduce Russian women

Men from the west have always been interested in Russian women. It probably has to do something with that air of inaccessibility and mystique that surrounded Russian women during the cold war. Also, whenever a Russian woman penetrated the western culture and world of celebrity, she was one of the most beautiful women ever. Quite simply put, there is something to Russian women that makes them so goddamn alluring that we cannot help but crave their attention and their love. (more…)

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Are Russian Women Looking for Older Men?

If you are using one of the Russian dating sites, then you have paid attention to the fact that women, who initiate contact with you, are much younger than you. It is not a surprise, as many women all over the world prefer to start families with older and mature men. Russian women are family-oriented and they are not looking for a boy to hang up with his friends at local bars, but be interested in his family. Russian ladies look for stable, steady, adult, mature men, who will treat them with enough esteem they deserve and will put work on their pat to make family happy and harmonious, plus older men usually know what they want from life. (more…)

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Russian On-line Dating Sites Help Foreigners to Meet the Ladies of their Dreams

Today distance doesn’t seem to be a true obstacle for love. There are thousands of ways to meet the one and only for you. Internet has proved to be a great tool in finding friends, partners, companions and spouses. Russian online dating services become more and more popular. These sites provide a great chance for Russian women and foreign men to meet each other, fall in love and create happy harmonious family unions. With the help of high tech facilities and technologies you can fast and easy meet a Russian mail order bride even not leaving the comfort of your own home. There is no more need of spending money and wasting your time in the clubs, bars or restaurants. The unconventional way of dating has proved to be less expensive and more effective in terms of meeting your second half. Moreover, there is no need to travel to Russia before you find your soul mate that is also a great economy to your budget. (more…)

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