Are Russian Women Reserved?


Very often on the net one can stumble across the Western men’s opinion about Russian ladies as reserved, anxious and discreet. The explanation that is usually given is that Russian men are all drunkards and women have to find their ways to survive.  Is it true?

Though the rates of alcoholism in Russia are very high, not all the men drink there and Russia is not the top country where alcoholism predominates. The opinion shared above is made by the men, who are communicating with Russian ladies with the help of international on-line dating sites. Internet is not a wide-spread method of communication in Russia these days that is why some tension is caused by this means of contact.

Not all Russian women have high English speaking skills and this just a severe addition to their discomfort of communication. Due to the long times of ‘Iron Curtain’ Russians hardly know the mentality, values, rules and norms when communicating with the foreigners.   Even those Russians, who live abroad, suffer from the same problem.

Many Russian girls, communicating with Western men do seem to be very cautious and reserved  as they write short standard sentences and it takes some time for them to reply. The reason, however, is not in their aloofness, but because they have not enough of experience in international communication. Many Russian ladies are afraid to be misunderstood or seen in a wrong light. Together with this, they also have fear to hurt foreign men’s feelings with their ignorance in some matters.

It is a fact that in everyday life Russian girls are very open, sociable and emotional. They are sincere and can frankly speak about their likes and dislikes, dreams and wishes, etc. It is also true that psychologists are not in demand in Russia, as they are in the countries where people are hiding their feelings and emotions.