Are Russian Women Looking for Older Men?

If you are using one of the Russian dating sites, then you have paid attention to the fact that women, who initiate contact with you, are much younger than you. It is not a surprise, as many women all over the world prefer to start families with older and mature men. Russian women are family-oriented and they are not looking for a boy to hang up with his friends at local bars, but be interested in his family. Russian ladies look for stable, steady, adult, mature men, who will treat them with enough esteem they deserve and will put work on their pat to make family happy and harmonious, plus older men usually know what they want from life. These character traits and qualities are rarely found among the men of 20-35 age range.
Meeting the men from different countries and of different cultures is very exciting for Russian girls. Being grasped with their studies or work, they come home and start communicating with as many men as possible and usually don’t pay attention to the age of the man as they think the age is not an obstacle for a true love and successful marriage. Russian women feel quite comfortable with men, who are older and more mature then they are.
Russian women are happy in marriages with the men, who are 5-15 years older. Statistics proves that a great number of successful marriages with such age gap exist. Besides these, Russian girls, though they look quite young, are more mature than their Western or European counterparts. People are different everywhere, some are happily married even in families with a large age difference, for others a great age difference is not permitted. However, be sure that no young woman would like to marry a man of 65. Well, much depends not only on age, but character and person’s nature.
If you and your Russian bride are serious about your relationship, then don’t hesitate and never make the age difference an issue. Age is just a number.