Are hookups dangerous if to forget top safety rules for sex

Both very young singles and mature, old-fashioned people worry that hookups can be harmful in some regard. Specialists comment it can only happen if casual sex seekers forget about caution.

It’s easy to avoid any inconveniences or misunderstandings if to follow all these safety rules and warnings.

  • Condoms and anti-bacterial lubes. No one thinks about such things while hooking up in a club, so better take these protection means with you and keep them near.
  • Financial safety. There are plenty of bar girls and escort women who would lure you into money spending or even rob you. Take only the necessary amount with you.
  • Physical protection. It happens pretty rarely that women we hookup with or their boyfriends harm us physically. But we should avoid risky districts and situations.
  • Emotional barrier. It’s important to remember how to date hookup partners and don’t forget about emotionally detached. If not to prepare yourself for that, a certain harm is possible too.
  • Social circle protection. In big companies, it’s possible you’ll get laid with your friend’s hookup, or vise versa. Get prepared to be diplomatic in such cases.