Avoiding Russian dating scams

Avoiding Russian dating scamsThis is not a secret anymore that men in the world are getting tired from the Western style of relationship and this is exactly when they start to look for a potential wife in Russia or Eastern Europe where traditional or conservative values have been preserved till nowadays. When there is a need and a consumer, there will always be a supplier. Therefore, a new market has appeared recently. There are a lot of websites that are offering help in finding a Russian bride. However, many people are claiming that there are a lot of scams that are trying to deceive desperate men that are willing to find their wives. Unfortunately, this is quite possible due to the attractiveness of this industry. Nevertheless, there are some tips of how to avoid getting deceived by a scam. Let’s begin!

The first and most obvious way to detect a scam is when a woman is refusing or not suggesting to see each other. Here we need to stop and take a closer look at how it works. Firstly, when you have started chatting with a woman, you will obviously want to see her online in Skype or in any other means that allow video calls. Well, if she is refusing to call you on Skype or delaying the time when you can talk to each other via the camera, then this is the first danger. Maybe one may think now that it is dead easy to understand that it is a scam, but, in reality, a lot of men get trapped. They start listening to their excuses and so on until they lose their money. So, insist more on seeing her online! If you, however, have managed to contact her via Skype or any other means, this does not mean that she is not a scam. The next step in any relationships is to get to know each other closer. This implies either you or her visiting each other. Well, the best way would be that you visit her because if she expresses her desire to visit you first and then starts to demand money or waits until you offer to pay for her, that can be a Russian women scam. So, try to get this question sorted out as soon as possible, if you want to save your time.finding a Russian bride

Another characteristic that reveals a potential scum is when you are asked to pay per anything. This works like this. You are either asked to pay daily or per minute of your communication, or per a message. Sometimes some ‘beautiful’ girls may leave messages and in order to read them you are asked to pay. This is a scum. Official marriage agencies are usually free or charge a monthly fee because they want to stay in business.

The last characteristic is when your potential girl starts asking you for money. That should be a stop signal for you. Therefore, we have mentioned earlier that it is better that you take the first trip to visit her rather than covering her expenses because then after receiving your money she will probably have some difficulties that will not let you meet each other. So, do not talk to those who are asking for money. However, this point should be extended a little bit. There are a lot of real girls and women whose aim is only to get money from men or to get married to a wealthy one or a foreigner (incomes of foreigners are much higher than those of Russians). Well, in that case she will behave like a normal woman; you will visit her, you may have sex with her, she may come to you, etc., but she will sometimes focus on money or asking you about your salary straight away or excessively. Be careful with that!

Well, these are some basic guidelines so that you can find what you are looking for as soon as possible and not get deceived, abandoning your efforts.